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Beaker Base 5-arm Perc Glass Tube with One-Hitter Bowl Downstem – Blue



  • Blue Glass Beaker Base Percolator Tube!
  • Top Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Blue Glass Base And Tube
  • Clear Glass Slitted
  • Reinforced 3-arm Tree Perc
  • 18.8mm Chillum Downstem With Bowl Connected
  • Constructed-in Glass Display And Roll-stop Handle On One-hitter Bowl
  • Ice Notches
  • Simply No Carb Gap
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    This blue glass beaker base tube features a clear section in the middle with a slitted and reinforced 5-arm tree perc for powerful diffusion in a small package! This pipe has a wide stable base, extra-thick comfortable mouthpiece, and an 18.8mm glass-on-glass chillum downstem with a one-hitter bowl attached. The one-hitter bowl’s long glass handle stays cool to the touch, easy to lift for a rush of air when clearing the chamber, and its built-in glass screen helps keep ash and debris out of your water.




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