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Better-Bat – Alu – Grinder TIP – Small


4.00 out of 5

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Fill the Better-Bat with the smoking mixture of your choice. Light up and take a good suck on the Better-Bat. After your inhalation push the bottom up. All ash and debris is ejected immediately, leaving the Better-Bat pipe ready for the next moment that you need another single shot.,The Smooth Tip is suitable for use with fine tobacco and herbs. The Grinder Tip is useful to cut rougher tobacco and herbs a little finer so that the Better-Bat is easier to fill and smoke.

1 review for Better-Bat – Alu – Grinder TIP – Small

  1. Beryle Sheldon
    4 out of 5


    this is definitely small but very cool u push together the spring and that ejects the ash. if u obtain a grinder tip that just means the tip has spikes and wen u fill up that. that shreds kinda