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Black Leaf – 4-Arm Diffuser Downstem


Four Hands With Slits For Hard-to Be Able To-defeat Diffusion And Cooler

  • Solution Smoke!
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Fits 18.8mm Joints
  • Black Leaf Logo On Downstem
  • Select Size: 12cm
  • 14cm
  • 16cm Or 18cm
  • SKU: GC2336 Category:

    This bubble-busting 4-arm diffuser from Black Leaf is only for use by smokers who want the ultimate in diffusion! This one great accessory efficiently breaks up your smoke through its four arms, each with two additional slits for a total of 12 holes. Get one as a spare or replacement for your current downstem for smoother smoke and exciting bubbling action at a great price!,This adapter’s top joint holds 18.8mm bowls or attachments; the bottom joint fits into 18.8mm bongs or attachments. This piece is available in four different lengths: 12cm, 14cm, 16cm, and 18cm, so choose your size from the drop down menu when ordering. (Length measurements are from the first edge of the joint socket to the lower end of the stem.)


    Joint Size