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Blaze Glass – Diffuser Adapter Downstem – 29.2mm > 18.8mm


A 4×4 Diffuser And Adapter In One!

  • Inside-reduce Glass-on-glass Joint
  • Downstem Size: 20.5cm / 6.1 Inches
  • Blaze Glass Logo In High-gloss Gold
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    That one bit from Blaze Glass serves as both a diffuser and a great adapter!

    Apply it with any bong which has a 29.2mm joint, and any bowl or bong attachment with a good 18.8mm joint. The diffuser finish features four rows or four availabilities every for massive bubbling!

    The Blaze Glass logo is actually emblazoned along the tube in high-gloss gold

    This downstem is actually ideal for make use of


    Joint Size