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Blaze Glass – Double Spiral Perc Ice Bong with Clipper Lighter – Black


Uncommon Black And Clear Glass Ice Bong With Double-spiral Perc And Magnet!

  • Double Spiral Perc In Black Glass
  • Slitted Diffuser Downstem And Keck Clip
  • Ideal Downstem Size: 13.5cm / 5.3 Inches
  • Black Glass Bowl With Marble Rollstoppers
  • Blaze Glass Logo
  • Ice Band Inside Cylinder
  • Carb Gap And Rubber Carb Stopper
  • Magnet Embedded In Tube
  • Clipper Classic Light Included**


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This exciting and unusually-shaped bong from Blaze Glass features further volume in the black glass chamber and sits on a stable 12.5cm-wide base. In the tube, a black glass double-spiral percolator will break up your smoke while the glass ice band just above the perc acts as a shelf for ice cubes that will further cool and filter smoke for a silky smooth bong strike!

The slitted diffuser downstem creates even more bubbling, and serves as a good 18.8mm > 14.5mm bong joint adapter, with a 14.5mm black glass bowl with marble rollstoppers and a keck clip to be able to keep your items securely together

This bong has a carb gap with a black rubber carb stopper, and the tube features a strong magnet embedded in the glass for you to conveniently maintain metal smoking cigarettes accessories, thus that when you pass the bong you may maintain the light connected. A Clipper Classic refillable** lighter in weight offering the Blaze Glass logo will be



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