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BongClip – Stainless Steel


Keeps your bong’s parts safely secured at the joint to prevent accidents!,Made in Germany,Rust-proof stainless steel wire,Choose joint size when ordering

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Like a Keck clip, the BongClip ® secures your bong’s sure ground glass-on-glass joints together in order to avoid easily-preventable accidents. The stainless steel BongClip ® is rust proof, built to last and extraordinarily powerful — pieces won’t unexpectedly come apart no matter how heavy the bong. BongClip ® is ideal for securing your bowls and downstems to your bongs and precoolers, especially if you prefer to use a bong with a carb hole and want to more permanently secure your bowl to your bong.,BongClip ® is available in the full range of glass-on-glass bong joint sizes: 14.5mm, 18.8mm, 24mm, 29.2mm, and even 45mm, perfect for the , parts. This little piece will bring you great peace of mind, allowing you to enjoying your smoking session without having to worry about your glass bong accessories tragically slipping out of place and breaking.