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GlassCity – Stemless Layback Inline Perc to Turbine Disc Glass Tube

$70.00 $65.00

Scientific glass tube with two powerful percs, from GlassCity!

  • Top quality borosilicate glass
  • Stable and wide round footing
  • Layback tube with flared mouthpiece
  • Engraved GlassCity logo
  • No carb hole
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This percolator bong is made from scientific glass, so there’s no need to worry that your piece is overly-fragile and always about to break. It stands just over 10 inches, too, so you get enough bong to enjoy some quality hits without making it inconvenient at the same time. The slide bowl that comes included is 14.55 mm, so once again you get more than enough room to enjoy without it being unnecessary.


  1. jackdOn


    This little hand held might be small but boy does it hit great! All i ever wanted was a pleasant little scientific that i may just rip as hard as i want and not have drinking water splosh in my mouth. I suggest an alternative bowl with a handle, trust me. Purchased Feb 23, received it March 27. Customs take forever, but for the cost this absolutely worth this.

  2. smiddy


    Excellent little addition to my Perc collection