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Swiss Perc Bong by Nate Dizzle – Sandblasted


Original Handmade Nate Dizzle Bong In Sandblasted Glass!

  • Made In Seattle
  • Usa; Ships From Within The Usa
  • Stable Round Base
  • Sandblasted Six-pit Swiss Perc
  • Swiss Perc Logo In Clear Glass On Sandblasted Tube
  • Clear Glass Slide Bowl With Rollstopper
  • Nate Dizzle Signature
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    An original Swiss Perc bong from Nate Dizzle is a thing of beauty, whether on display or in use! Made by hand in Nate Dizzle’s Seattle, Washington studio, this sandblasted glass swiss cheese perc bong features 6 holes for pretty and powerful percolation, and each bong is one-of-a-kind! With a stable, 3.75-inch-wide base, graceful stemless design, an extra thick mouthpiece, and a 14.5mm clear glass bowl with marble rollstopper, the Swiss Perc bong blends form and function into one high-end glass waterpipe.,The tube is a slender 32mm wide, and the whole piece stands about 14 inches tall. The Swiss Perc logo is featured on the sandblasted tube in clear glass, with Nate Dizzle’s signature on the base. Because this is an individually made, hand-blown bong, each one is unique and there may be slight variation in the exact height and other details such as the areas of the pipe that are sandblasted and the placement of the Swiss Perc logo.




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