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Weed Star – Circ Perc Downstem Bong Adapter – 29.2 mm > 18.8 mm


A Spare Or Replacement Diffuser Downstem From Weed Celebrity!

  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Inside-reduce 29.2mm > 18.8mm Joint
  • Weed Celebrity Logo In Blue
  • Bathtub Head Diffusion For Further Bubbling
  • Select Duration When Ordering
  • SKU: GC2803 Category:

    This inside-cut circular percolator diffuser downpipe is yet another high quality, attractive and affordable glass bong accessory from Weed Star. Use it as a spare or replacement part for your bong, or use it to adapt a 18.8mm bowl or ashcatcher to your bong’s 29.2mm joint. The slitted circ perc showerhead diffuser gives you the smoothest and coolest hits!,Available in 13cm, 13.5cm or 18cm length — choose from the menu when ordering. If you’re not sure which length you’ll need, check our handy guide to ,.


    Joint Size